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"ROTOTO" foot band -rp&oc-

"ROTOTO" foot band -rp&oc-

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FOOT BAND was created with the concept of being "more comfortable than wearing bare feet"

Prevents the soles of your feet from becoming sticky due to sweat and keeps your sandals comfortable

It also protects your feet from chafing caused by straps.

Neon colors to spice up your summer outfits

Made from yarn that is twisted together using a special process using organic cotton and recycled polyester

It combines the soft feel of cotton with the quick-drying and durability of polyester.

The smooth, dry touch is appealing.

Made in Japan

Yellow (corn)


Orange (


Pink (blush pink)

PUrple (l.purple)




One Free


50% polyester, 48% polyester, 2% polyurethane


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