Collection: amne

Perhaps because I am a meticulous person by nature, I am attracted to things that give a sense of uniformity and continuity, such as the sight of Scandinavian tableware still being made in historic factories lined up in storefronts, or the neat rows of designer chairs that are considered masterpieces in overseas churches.

They have been loved by people for many years, undergoing subtle updates while maintaining the universality of their completed designs. Except for items that are no longer in production and have become rare, it is also important that they are used daily and are part of people's daily lives.

With that in mind, it is important that the clothes of ämne possess the beauty of mass-produced uniformity, while also being something that can add color to everyday life. Using authentic materials, I reconstruct well-known items, and while most of my designs are basic and minimalist rather than flashy, I aim to create clothes that are elegant and uplifting, while still being comfortable like loungewear.