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「leh」kesa bag -velvet-

「leh」kesa bag -velvet-

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A bag designed to resemble the robe worn by monks, known as a kesa

This is a classic bag that is indispensable for the leh collection.

The fabric used this time is velvet, which has an elegant sheen and a luxurious feel.

The contrast with the all-over pattern on the liner is also effective.

There are drawstrings at the opening of the bag and at the base of the obi, which can be adjusted.

The obi is twisted 180 degrees and sewn to create a natural drape.

The bottom has been given a gusset and lace-up design, allowing for size adjustment.

There are many outlets for the strings, so the hanging strings make for a striking design.

There is also a secret pocket on the handle.

We are particular about the texture and practicality of the materials, and the specifications are made with military technology.

Carefully balanced for a weight-to-volume ratio that's stress-free

Kesa means "cloudy in color" or "dirty" in Sanskrit.

As Buddhism spread to other countries,

Various forms can be found in China, Tibet, Japan, etc.

Made in Japan


One Free


70% cotton 30% rayon / 100% polyester


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