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"amne" chambray hs shirt oc -olive-

"amne" chambray hs shirt oc -olive-

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This open-collar shirt has an elegant finish that is typical of Anne.

The coloring is a little rough, but luxurious, and highlights the texture of the material, which is unique to interwoven fabrics (where the warp and weft threads have different densities).

It's easy to style and adds a touch of presence to summer outfits that tend to be monotonous.

The loose fit makes it comfortable to wear in the summer.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg Wearing size 2


2 Length 73/78cm Width 62cm Shoulder width 54cm Sleeve length 29cm
3 Length 75/80cm Width 65cm Shoulder width 56cm Sleeve length 30cm


100% cotton


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