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"leh" baseball s/s shirt -navy-

"leh" baseball s/s shirt -navy-

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A design that looks like a mix of a baseball shirt and a beach shirt

The outer lace is Ray's original cotton lace fabric, which is piece-dyed to create a soft color.

The lining is made of pile fabric like a beach shirt.

It prevents lace from being see-through and is moisture-wicking, so it doesn't get stuffy and is comfortable to wear.

Boxy silhouette with a wide body and slightly shorter length

The cut-off design in various places and the deadstock magatama-shaped shell buttons are the highlights of the look.

Just throw it over a tank top or T-shirt in the summer and you'll look great.

Made in India

170cm 50kg wearing size M


M Length 67cm Width 67cm Shoulder width 55cm Sleeve length 38cm


100% cotton / 100% cotton


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