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"leh" bondage track pants -black-

"leh" bondage track pants -black-

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A new pair of pants that combines the track pants and bondage pants of the popular Ray brand, which is released every time Trevina is released.

A slimmer silhouette than standard wide track pants

There are also bondage zips and belts.

You can create a slim or bootcut silhouette.

The pocket opening is also distinctive, and the design makes it easy to insert your hand naturally.

The pocket snap buttons, buckles, and other details are all carefully designed.

A new piece born from the fusion of two opposing items: bondage pants, which are difficult to move in, and track pants, which are easy to move in.

The fabric is made of the same domestic jersey fabric as the wide track pants, with 55mm side lines made in France.

The embroidered hexagram is still there on the left side.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg wearing size M


M Waist 74cm Rise 36cm Inseam 74cm Thigh width 25/28cm Hem width 22/25cm


100% cotton / 100% polyester


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