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"ROTOTO" wash pile crew socks

"ROTOTO" wash pile crew socks

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These socks are made using stiff Japanese paper thread and have pile knitting on the inside, giving them a crisp, cool feel.

Washi paper, made primarily from Manila hemp, the same material used for paper money, is not only highly moisture-absorbent and quick-drying, but is also a lightweight, sturdy natural material.

Although it is difficult to pile knit the thread made from washi paper, we have managed to achieve this using a special knitting machine and the skills of our artisans.

Made in Japan



Pink (flamingo)



S 23-25cm (Women's)
M 25-27cm (Men's)


45% cotton, 35% wash, 8% nylon, 18% nylon, 2% polyurethane


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