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「leh」photograph shirts jacket -camel-

「leh」photograph shirts jacket -camel-

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A short jacket with an impressive three-dimensional pocket on the chest

Made with Ray's original silk linen fabric with a napped texture

A fabric with a unique presence and a luxurious feel that combines the luster and texture of silk, the crispness of linen, and the rustic feel of neps.

The short length and wide width of the garment, which is close to a box silhouette, make it look good whether you wear it neatly with the front fastened or just throw it on casually.

The silhouette can be adjusted with the cords at the hem and waist

The lining that symbolizes the item name "photograph jacket" is

The visuals are cut-up collages by Le based on photographs taken at the time by Allen Ginsberg, a representative of the Beat Generation.

We put a lot of attention into the lining, which is not visible when worn.

The front pocket is a zipper pocket large enough to hold a film, and two pockets, large and small, under the flap.

The front snaps are compact and luxurious Italian hooks.

A large pocket like a game pocket at the bottom of the back

This shirt jacket is full of attention to detail and has a Ray-like feel.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg


M Length 65/73cm Width 61cm Shoulder width 60cm Sleeve length 51cm


55%silk 45%linen / 100%cotton


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