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「leh」saree silk cover all jacket

「leh」saree silk cover all jacket

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A coverall shirt jacket made from the fabric of the traditional Indian national dress, the sari.

The silk sari fabric is hand-spun and hand-woven, with intricate embroidery and dyed black.

The black dyeing process makes it appear plain at first glance, but depending on the angle the light hits it, a pattern becomes visible, transforming it into a mysterious and fascinating fabric.

The silhouette is clean, tight and simple

It includes details unique to Ray, such as a chin strap and silicone piping.

The vintage human-shaped shell buttons are particularly eye-catching.

The lining is made of breathable and stretchy mesh fabric

Wear it over a tank top in summer, or as an inner layer under a coat in winter.

It's a piece you can wear all year round.

Made in India

170cm 50kg



M: Length 68cm, Width 54cm, Shoulder width 44cm, Sleeve length 65cm


100%silk / 100%polyester


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