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"another standard" SSD regular tapered pants

"another standard" SSD regular tapered pants

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Originally developed denim based on the concept of "The Best Stress Free Denim"

The warp thread is made of 100% pure indigo dyed cotton.

The weft thread is made of an original processed yarn that combines a super soft silk and pima cotton blend with polyester stretch yarn.

Another Standard is the only denim in the world that combines the robust texture of denim with the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

In order to provide a stress-free environment, we focused on making it lightweight, and set the weight at 12 oz to achieve the best balance between strength, comfort, and aging.

The specific gravity of silk and polyester allows for a lightweight 11.5 oz weight while maintaining the density and thickness of 100% cotton.

The silhouette is designed to be the perfect width to take advantage of the stretchiness of the fabric while still allowing for beautiful fading.

Designed with a little extra room around the hips and thighs, and a nice taper towards the hem

The pockets are designed for ease of use and have a wide opening for excellent accessibility.

Other details include dark silver stitching, logo top button, white leather patch and embroidered logo.

This is a masterpiece that incorporates ingenuity and humor, such as belt loops through which shoelaces can be threaded.

Made in Japan

173cm 63kg wearing size M


S Waist 81cm Rise 27.5cm Inseam 71.5cm Thigh width 31.8cm Hem width 17.5cm

M Waist 84cm Rise 27.7cm Inseam 73cm Thigh width 32.7cm Hem width 18cm

L Waist 87cm Rise 28cm Inseam 73.5cm Thigh width 34cm Hem width 18.5cm


80% cotton silk 10% conjugated (pet) 10%


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