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"Phatee" hemp sweat choco zip parka -black-

"Phatee" hemp sweat choco zip parka -black-

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Fatty Original, Hemp and Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Sweat Series

The fleece lining provides excellent heat retention, and the hemp's moisture wicking properties prevent stuffiness and keep you dry even when you sweat.

It feels great against your bare skin and feels great against your skin.

The product uses organic materials certified by the international certification organization Ecocert, so traceability is perfect.

A vintage style hoodie with a small zip around the neck

Reverse weave design with slash pockets on the front

It's a comfortable item that you'll want to wear all the time.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg wearing size M



M Length 67cm Width 56cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 64cm

L Length 70cm Width 59cm Shoulder width 47cm Sleeve length 67cm


55% hemp, 45% organic cotton


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