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"soglia" LERWICK neps rollneck sweater -navy-

"soglia" LERWICK neps rollneck sweater -navy-

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"LERWICK shetland wool"

Sheep that live on the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland

Their soft fur is a result of the harsh winter cold, humid weather, and the fact that they are fed seaweed.

Furthermore, the wool is made using only the inner hair, known as the undercoat, giving it a firm and lustrous texture.

A roll neck sweater made using this wool.

A small amount of nylon is blended in to reduce prickly sensation and improve durability.

The neck, hem and cuffs are rolled rather than ribbed, giving a relaxed impression.

Neither a high neck nor a crew neck, the perfect balance makes the neck stand out.

The napped look is also a plus.

This item is attractive for its made in Japan quality and cost performance.

Made in Japan



M: Length 64cm Width 51cm Sleeve length 82cm

L Length 66cm Width 53cm Sleeve length 85cm

XL Length 68cm Width 56cm Sleeve length 88cm


80% wool, 20% nylon


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