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"leh" the monster "Bear"

"leh" the monster "Bear"

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Stuffed toys made from the brand's classic Monster Sox fabric

The monsters have finally appeared...

What purpose did they come to this planet for?

We humans have no way of knowing...

They may be heroes or dangerous beasts that threaten people...

Bear is characterized by his colorful appearance and large ears.

The eyes are heterochromatic, with each eye a different color.

Apparently there are rumors that he took too much LSD when he was young!

I've heard that they only need four tusks, so they have degenerated.

Although he is small in stature, he is said to have very strong Terry Bear blood.

It's so soft and fluffy that it's common to see girls never wanting to leave it.

*Each has the same body color scheme but different eye colors.

Made in Japan





34cm x 29cm x 15cm


Organic cotton 65% acrylic 20% wool 5% polyester 5% polyurethane 5%


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