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"Rerer" airbag sacoche

"Rerer" airbag sacoche

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A "drawstring sacoche" that was supposed to be discarded but was redesigned using an airbag

It's a cute square shape, but when you squeeze it it turns into a drawstring bag.

Made from recycled nylon made from washed and dyed airbags from discarded cars.

The nylon yarn used in airbags is called "66 nylon."

It has strong mechanical strength, is very lightweight and resistant to friction.

There are unevenness in the dyeing and the original stitching remains.

You can also enjoy the unique feeling

A sustainable item born from new values.

*As this is made from recycled materials, there may be individual differences.

Because these are made from recycled materials, there will inevitably be individual differences in texture, color, original stitching, and prints, but please enjoy them as individuality.

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W310mm x H340mm Strap length 110cm


100% nylon



realize: Discover the various values ​​that support your daily life

Reduce the value of things that have outlived their usefulness and are being discarded

resource Utilizing resources to inject new value

rere seatbelt / air bag series

Number of scrapped vehicles in Japan: Approximately 4.5 million to 5 million per year

Fortunately, the airbag didn't deploy, but the seatbelt saved his life

These materials are difficult to process because of their strength, and it takes a lot of work to process them.

Currently, most of it is discarded without being reused.

Reuse and redesign seat belts and airbags

I hope to contribute even a little to efforts to reduce waste.

Also, because it is made from recycled materials, there will inevitably be individual differences in texture and color.

I hope you enjoy it as a unique piece.

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