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"Hilo Hattie" aloha shirts -teal-

"Hilo Hattie" aloha shirts -teal-

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Hilo Hattie is a Hawaiian brand founded in 1963 that is 100% made in Hawaii.

It has been chosen as "The Best Place for Hawaiian Fashion" for the past 10 years and is loved by many people.

The brand name "Hilo Hattie" comes from the name of a female singer who became famous for her comical hula style and left behind the Aloha spirit.

"Hilo Hattie" inherits her aloha spirit and offers better products.

A thick rayon fabric with anthurium print

It's a very comfortable piece that's perfect for summer.

Made in Hawaii

170cm 50kg wearing size M


S Length 73cm Width 57cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 29cm
M Length 74cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 52cm Sleeve length 28cm
L Length 75cm Width 64cm Shoulder width 54cm Sleeve length 27cm


100% rayon


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