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"HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY" flowering pigpen -purple-

"HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY" flowering pigpen -purple-

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Artwork featuring Pig Pen, a founding member of the Grateful Dead

Luxurious 6-sheet matte rubber print on the front

The original 11oz body is tightly knitted and has a moderate thickness that is not too thick and has a dry feel to the touch.

Not only is it durable and resistant to repeated washing, but it also becomes richer in texture and changes over time.

Moderately wide, American-like silhouette

The firmness of the fabric allows you to wear it alone without compromising the silhouette.

Vintage details like binder neck and single stitching

It's an item that creates an atmosphere even with just one piece.


L Length 70cm Width 54cm Shoulder width 48cm Sleeve length 22cm
XL Length 72cm Width 57cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 23cm


100% cotton


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