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"GOHEMP" high explorer pants -used wash-

"GOHEMP" high explorer pants -used wash-

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GOHEMP's classic bottom "High Explorer Pants"

This is a classic bottom that is featured first among bottoms in the brand's catalog.

The distinctive pockets on both sides have nice stitching design.

There are three on each side, making them very functional.

The waist is made of elastic and a webbing belt, and the webbing belt can be easily attached and detached.

Easy to put on and take off, and size adjustments

The material used is original hemp cotton 12oz denim.

Hemp cotton is soft and gentle on the skin, with a moderate thickness of 12 oz. and high moisture absorption and quick drying properties, making it comfortable to wear all year round.

The uneven texture and napped feel of the hemp fabric allows you to enjoy the expressive changes that occur over time as you wear it.

It is an attractive material unique to GoHemp.

The rise is deep and the fit is loose, but it tapers moderately towards the hem.

A well-balanced, uncluttered silhouette

It's easy to move around in, yet still looks neat.

The hem is ankle-length, so it's recommended to show off cute socks by matching it with the right shoes.

It's a classic piece that can be coordinated with a wide range of outfits regardless of the season.

XS and S sizes are also recommended for women.

170cm 50kg wearing size M

Wearing S

Wearing L


XS Waist 66cm Rise 31cm Inseam 63cm Thigh width 32cm Hem width 18cm
S Waist 70cm Rise 32cm Inseam 64cm Thigh width 34cm Hem width 19cm
M Waist 74cm Rise 33cm Inseam 66cm Thigh width 36cm Hem width 20cm
L Waist 78cm Rise 34cm Inseam 67cm Thigh width 38cm Hem width 21cm


90% cotton, 10% hemp


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