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"masterkey" EURO #3

"masterkey" EURO #3

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Remade denim based on "Euro denim" sold in Europe, disassembled and reconstructed

One size fits all, with drawstring waist

The patchwork uses a variety of fabrics, including crochet, gowns, and calendars, antique, vintage, and modern, and each piece is arranged in a well-balanced way.

Jacquard fabric is sandwiched as side lines, creating a relaxed, wide silhouette.

Master Key has been specializing in remakes for many years, and this is a unique and one-of-a-kind denim.

This is a piece that will make you want to coordinate your outfit with bottoms as the main focus.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg



One Waist 96-100cm Rise 34cm Inseam 70cm Thigh width 30cm Hem width 22.5cm Total length 101cm



Main: 100% cotton / other various fabrics


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