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"ROTOTO" hand warmer "optimum merino & cashmere"

"ROTOTO" hand warmer "optimum merino & cashmere"

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A 2-way hand warmer that can be worn either above or below the ground.

Merino Optimo is an extremely rare merino wool that accounts for only 0.2% of the wool produced in Australia. It is extremely fine at 18.5 microns and has a soft feel to the touch.

This item is made of yarn that is blended with 30% cashmere, known as the "jewel of fibers," and features a premium texture and deep color.

"Merino Optimo" is an excellent material with fine, flexible and elastic hair that is less prone to pilling.

By knitting using a knitting machine called a WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, there are no seams, making the garment gentle on the skin.

One side has a hole for the thumb, and the other side is like a sweater cuff without a hole.

It can be worn like a glove by putting it over your thumb, or like a sweater by putting it over your hand from the other side.

You can enjoy a layered style while preventing cold air from coming through the cuffs and keeping your wrists warm.

Made in Japan



One Free


68% wool, 29% cashmere, 3% nylon


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