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"TASF" Pocket-filled shirts -olive-

"TASF" Pocket-filled shirts -olive-

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US ARMY fatigue jackets and fishing jackets
This item was created by mixing the image of a jacket with lots of pockets.
"TASF Pocket-filled Shirt"

The material used is a sturdy 100% cotton ripstop fabric that won't break even if you use it hard in the field.
By equipping it with a total of nine pockets, it gives the impression that you don't need a bag.

In fact, it is more convenient to have a bag.
Five gusseted pockets on the front
Equipped with hand pockets on both sides using side seams
In addition, there are two large capacity pockets on the inside of the front
I think this has quite a large capacity.

Also, since it is made of cotton fabric, the more you wear it, the more it will wear out.
Another attractive feature is that they grow up to be cool.

It is made a little oversized, so
Although it's called a shirt, I recommend wearing it loosely over a hoodie or something similar.


M Length 77cm Width 66cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 62cm
L Length 81cm Width 70cm Shoulder width 53cm Sleeve length 64cm


100% cotton


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