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"soglia" PORTMIX kid mohair sweater

"soglia" PORTMIX kid mohair sweater

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A luxurious knit sweater made from kid mohair, the first hair shorn from baby goats less than one year old.

Made from South African kid mohair

Kid mohair is the soft hair of kid goats, a special fibre with the wonderful properties of mohair.

The loops are made of mohair and are brushed to prevent the fibers from tangling, resulting in a very long pile.

The baby goat's fine, soft hair is fluffy and extremely warm.

This simply knitted mid-gauge knit has a nice feel even on its own, and is voluminous enough to be worn under outerwear.

The melange-like coloring, which is exquisite like an aurora, appears as a single color from a distance, but as an attractive mixed color up close.

Available in unisex sizes from S to XL.

Made in Japan

170cm 50kg wearing size M


S Length 63cm Width 46cm Sleeve length 75cm
M: Length 64cm Width 50cm Sleeve length 79cm
L Length 65cm Width 52cm Sleeve length 79.5cm
XL Length 70cm Width 54cm Sleeve length 80cm


68% kid mohair, 32% nylon


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