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"HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY" jerry hand moon

"HAVE A GRATEFUL DAY" jerry hand moon

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The design is inspired by the Rose Moon, a full moon that can only be seen for a few hours in June.

In other countries, people say things like, "Watching it will make you happy," or "Watching it with someone you love,

There is a saying that goes, "You will be bound to that person forever."

The hand reaching out towards the moon is that of Jerry Garcia, the frontman of the American band "GRATEFUL DEAD".

The body is not too thin and is just the right thickness at 6.1 oz.

Washed and ring-spun cotton for a smooth feel

A relaxed, trendy silhouette


S Length 68cm Width 47cm Shoulder width 43cm Sleeve length 18.5cm
M Length 72cm Width 53cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 19cm
L Length 76cm Width 56cm Shoulder width 52.5cm Sleeve length 19.5cm
XL Length 78cm Width 61cm Shoulder width 59cm Sleeve length 22cm


100% cotton


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