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★50%OFF★"The Mongolian Chops" ecological Tee -blue-

★50%OFF★"The Mongolian Chops" ecological Tee -blue-

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The shocking moment I encountered on my first visit to New York was reproduced and printed using halftone silkscreen dots.

"Ecologial Tee"

He dumped a huge amount of leftover food in a Tupperware container right in the middle of the road.

Grandma feeding the pigeons

This is the most cutting edge of eco in New York.

It was a moment when I experienced the forefront of sustainability firsthand.

170cm 50kg wearing size M


M Length 72cm Width 51cm Shoulder width 48cm Sleeve length 19cm
L Length 76cm Width 56cm Shoulder width 53cm Sleeve length 23cm
XL Length 81cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 58cm Sleeve length 23cm


100% cotton


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