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「rerer」LIMONTA zip sandal -black-

「rerer」LIMONTA zip sandal -black-

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"NICOL WIND" made by LIMONTA, an Italian company that provides fabrics to brands such as Prada and Gucci.

Sandals made from high-quality stretchy, breathable, water-repellent fabric

The unique luster of LIMONTA and the firmness of the fabric give it a very luxurious feel.

The upper front uses a YKK vision zipper, which looks good.

The tightness can be adjusted so you can customize the fit whether you wear shoes or socks.

Cushioned EVA shark sole

At the related factory, the fabric that was supposed to be used for other products was canceled due to the corona vortex.

This is an SDGs item made from fabric that was scheduled for disposal.


23cm / 24cm / 26cm


nicol wind 57% polyester 26% nylon 10% elastane 7% polyurethane


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