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"ROTOTO" washi TABI pile ankle socks (women)

"ROTOTO" washi TABI pile ankle socks (women)

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Tabi socks made with washi paper thread and with pile knitted soles for a unique crisp feel.

The main raw material for washi paper is Manila hemp. Manila hemp is also used for Japanese banknotes.

Washi paper, which uses this as its main ingredient, is a material with excellent water absorption, moisture release, and a refreshing feel.

It's also lightweight, sturdy and washable.

It is very difficult to knit stiff washi yarn into pile knitting using a regular knitting machine.

Using rare special knitting machines and outstanding craftsmanship

These socks are unique to Japan.

Made in Japan


Olive (OD)


S 23-25cm (Women's)


52% wash, 46% polyester, 2% polyurethane, 2%


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