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★30%OFF★「DOWN ON THE CORNER」 smile pillow

★30%OFF★「DOWN ON THE CORNER」 smile pillow

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The nostalgic Smile Pillow is back at Trevina for the first time in a long time

Strong impact and less stretchy, soft and smooth

The Smile Pillow is made from sweatshirts with such high-quality fabric.

The book that I am reading as if it embodies the theme of this season and the Beatnik spirit is

The name "Beat" comes from the poet Jack Kerouac's famous book "On the Road."

On the back is the message "THE ONLY TRUTH IS MUSIC"

Of course, it can be used in your room or on your sofa.

It can also be used as a pillow when camping, and its charming appearance will liven up any camping scene.


Height: 26.5m Width: 14.5cm Depth: 8.5cm


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