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"FAT CAMP kitchen" Mulled wine spices (2-3 cups)

"FAT CAMP kitchen" Mulled wine spices (2-3 cups)

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This kit contains two cups per bag, allowing you to easily enjoy hot wine while camping or at home.

I can't finish it so I just put it in some old red wine and warm it up.

You can easily enjoy the most delicious mulled wine!

An expert who makes and sells spice curry from a kitchen car
・It's so delicious!
We have researched and developed this product to achieve this goal.

One bag contains 300cc of spices, so you can make 2-3 cups!

Put this in wine and heat until it's just about to boil, and you can easily make the most delicious mulled wine at home!

Leftover wine or even cheap wine is fine.

Mulled wine is a type of warm wine made by mixing spices and fruits (such as oranges and lemons) together.

Originally it was a standard drink at Christmas markets in Germany.

At this time of year in Germany, many people enjoy Christmas while warming themselves with mulled wine.

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