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"FAT CAMP kitchen" Spice Curry Mackerel Can (4 servings)

"FAT CAMP kitchen" Spice Curry Mackerel Can (4 servings)

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Delicious, easy and fun to make spices for mackerel curry

A spice kit that lets you easily make spicy curry!
Just fry the onions and potatoes, add the canned mackerel, add the spices and water, and simmer!
It also contains salt so no seasoning is required.

*There are two types of packages, but you cannot choose

The contents are the same

① 2 cans of mackerel (soy sauce flavor recommended)
② 1 onion
③ 1 potato
④Water 100-150ml$
⑤1 teaspoon grated garlic (tube is fine!)
⑥1 teaspoon grated ginger (tube ginger is fine!)
⑦ 2 tablespoons oil
⑧ 1 bag of canned spiced curry mackerel
1 packet of dried mint (green leaves included)

How to make it
・Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1cm cubes or wedges.
・Chop or slice the onion.
-Add oil to a frying pan (medium to high heat) and fry the onions and potatoes.
Fry the onions until golden brown and then add the garlic and ginger.
Once the garlic and ginger are cooked, reduce heat to low, add the powdered spices and stir-fry over low heat, stirring thoroughly.
Once the spices have been thoroughly mixed, add the canned mackerel and water and bring to a boil (high heat).
Once boiling, reduce heat to low to medium and simmer for about 10 minutes.
・Put it on a plate, sprinkle dried mint on top and it's done!

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