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"LIVERAL" niji (S) -sp-

"LIVERAL" niji (S) -sp-

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A 3-way bag with an innovative design that is easy for left-handed people to use.

The S size is easy to use even in summer.

The length of the belt can be adjusted by simply changing the knot of the distinctive cut-off belt.

Match your lifestyle and outfit

It can be transformed into a tote bag, shoulder bag, or body bag.

There is an outside pocket that can be easily adjusted to suit your dominant hand.

Universal design that is easy for left-handed people to use

Original material "super water repellent

This super fabric is made of extremely light, soft polyester material with strong water repellency, and can withstand storms.

It has been certified by a third party as having outdoor specifications that make it suitable for use as an umbrella.

The front and back surfaces are coated with a special coating, making them water-repellent, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant.

Super fabric that is easy to clean and dries quickly!

100% polyester

All black, so you can coordinate with any occasion

As it is a long-established factory brand, the quality is guaranteed and the high cost performance is also attractive!

Made in Japan

Uses size S

Left: S size, right: M size

Uses size M




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