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"mellow stone" beeswax cream

"mellow stone" beeswax cream

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Types of beeswax cream

A staple item at Trevina throughout the year

"Beeswax cream" made only from natural ingredients

It has been renewed

Beeswax cream made by Mellow Stone in Tanegashima

Natural "beeswax" contains more vitamin E, propolis, and flavonoids.
It has excellent moisturizing properties, protects the skin from dryness, and enhances the skin's natural healing power with its antibacterial properties.

Nutrient-packed beeswax with macadamia oil (helps regenerate and repair skin)
Jojoba oil (retains moisture and creates a high-quality protective film), and the above three ingredients are combined to create the base.
Add oil and essential oils to this
Finished in 11 easy-to-use creams

"Unrefined beeswax": This is an animal wax secreted by bees when building their hives. It has antibacterial and moisturizing properties.

"Macadamia nut oil for food use" contains a lot of valtoleic acid, a fatty acid that helps maintain youth. Valtoleic acid is a component found in sebum, so it penetrates the skin well, is ideal for skin care, and is known to be resistant to oxidation.

"Made with cosmetic grade jojoba oil" Obtained from the seeds of jojoba plants that grow in the desert, it is characterized by its high moisturizing effect and easy spreadability.


Tea Tree & Lavender ¥1980

Teatree has a strong bactericidal effect and is effective against viruses and fungi.

A versatile cream blended with lavender, which has a calming effect on both the mind and body.

Lavender is also said to be effective against burns.

Ylang-ylang & Lavender ¥1980

The sexy, rich scent of ylang-ylang and the refreshing, elegant scent of lavender will leave you feeling enriched.

Recommended for before bed or at special times.

White ginger & lemongrass ¥1980

Intelligent and refreshing lemon & herb flavor

The lovely appearance and the gentle fragrance of white ginger flowers.

Benzoin ¥1980

BENZION, whose Japanese name is benzoin, has long been used as a medicine for rosacea and is characterized by its sweet, mellow fragrance.

In temples, it was used to guide people on a "soul journey" and for "meditation and deep breathing."

In addition, vermouth, eucalyptus, lavender and juniber essential oils are luxuriously added to give off a gentle, fluffy fragrance.

It gently soothes both the mind and body.

Ravensara & Myrtle ¥2200

You will be enveloped in a quiet, calm and comfortable spirit.

It is luxuriously blended with seven essential oils, including lavender oil and ylang-ylang oil.

Vanilla ¥1760

The sweet, creamy scent gives a sense of security and soothes the mind.

It's one of the feminine scents that men love.

Vanilla & Green Tea ¥1760

Classic vanilla flavor with the addition of the aroma of green tea, a tea familiar to Japanese people.

The sweetness and freshness of this drink give you a relaxing feeling.

Rose & Vanilla & Orange ¥1760

Elegant rose with a gentle scent of sweet vanilla and fresh orange.

For those who like a soft and feminine look.

Also recommended for men who want to be soothed.

Tuberose ¥1760

Tuberose is known as the nocturnal scent.

It has a calming adult scent.

The sexy and slightly sweet scent exudes emotion...

Pineapple & Orange ¥1760

The scent of the tropics fills the air with energy.

It makes me feel bright and like something good is going to happen.

Macadamia ¥1540

Contains a lot of palmitoleic acid, which helps regenerate and repair skin

Macadamia nut oil base.

This macadamia cream is the base for all our beeswax creams.


Contents: 50g


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