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"khakito" France Snow Parka -Grage- (Women)

"khakito" France Snow Parka -Grage- (Women)

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The design is based on the snow parka used by the French Army mountain troops.

"It is designed with feminine details and silhouettes, typical of Khakito.

The neck is neat, the hood is voluminous, and the back style is well-balanced.

The drawstring at the hem can be tightened to create a rounded silhouette.

The soft feel of the linen cotton material and dry touch make it suitable for a long season of wear from spring to autumn.

Another attractive feature is the pleasant texture that becomes more comfortable the more you wear it.



One Length 66.5cm Width 59cm Shoulder width 65cm Sleeve length 41cm


55% linen, 45% cotton


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