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"DUMBO" incense

"DUMBO" incense

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The scent of DUMBO

All of DUMBO's incense is handmade and produced in-house at our own factory in Kobe.

When in use, there is little smell of burning wood and you can enjoy a pure scent.

Our special packaging ensures freshness until the last bottle.

There are 10 varieties in total, each containing 25 sticks. Each stick burns for about an hour.

This is also a recommended item for gifts.

-Fly Girls- A gentle and traditional fragrance with soft floral scents such as elegant rose, marigold, and freesia lily.

-POLO- A light, cool and active fragrance born from the NYC lifestyle. A sporty vibe that evokes a natural sense of exhilaration.

-Def- A fresh and refreshing space reminiscent of the ocean and the cleanliness of the mountains. An atmosphere reminiscent of an American bathroom.

-Red Carpet- The tropical scent of fruit comes at the top, and the deep sweetness will make you feel noble, just as the name suggests.

-4cuss- The smoky earthy scent that gives the bottom a kick, the Bluetrain that surges into the depths, and the cinematic space that surrounds the scene.

-COFFY- Although it uses a strong essence, it has a very mellow and elegant earthy scent.

-NUBIAN- It is refreshing, yet has a deep nose. It is not flashy, but has a solid image that will never go out of style.

-BABY- A nostalgic and somewhat comforting, slightly sweet and soft scent reminiscent of a baby.

-365DAYS- The natural scent will wake you up, relax you, refresh you, and make you feel like you're on the earth. It's perfect for calming your mind and changing your mood.

-Beanery- Create a refreshing space with the fresh smell of citrus. A trio session in which citrus plays a melody, sweetness creates cheerful percussion, and the bass expresses a strong, unwavering strength that takes root. Perfect for when you want to change your mood.

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