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★50%OFF★「HiHiHi」swallow Tee (women)

★50%OFF★「HiHiHi」swallow Tee (women)

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Photos by photographer Naoya Matsumoto

T-shirt with print on the back

Hihihi T-shirts are slowly knitted on a sinker knitting machine at a weaver's shop in Wakayama Prefecture and sewn up at a sewing factory in Tokushima Prefecture.

This is a knitted fabric made using a technique called SZ jersey, which alternates between 30-count hemp single yarn (S twist) and 30-count Z-twist (reverse) cotton yarn, reversing the twist of the yarn to reduce the skewing (twist) of the fabric.

By knitting slowly, at half the speed of a normal knitting machine, we reduce the strain on the yarn and create a soft, gentle texture.

Additionally, by mixing linen with cotton, the fabric has improved absorption and quick-drying properties, making it comfortable to wear.

This original T-shirt has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties and is suitable for Japan's humid climate.

Come experience the comfort and joy of wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt.


XS Length 56cm Width 41cm Shoulder width 36cm Sleeve length 14cm
It is a ladies size


80% cotton, 20% hemp


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