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"Yakigai Abusan" is a shellfish specialty store that stands out in Koenji, Tokyo. Currently, it has "Uguisu" in Uguisudani and "Akoya" in Ebisu, and is a famous store that impresses Tokyo's famous gourmets, and is known only to those in the know.

The item being released this time is a T-shirt for "Abusan Beer," the original beer of this shop, which Gokita has been friends with for a long time. The late Shinji Chiba, the president of POETRY OF SEX, was a regular at this shop, and when he asked Gokita to design the original beer, this artwork was realized.

I bought the original T-shirt when it was released and wore it a lot, but I had been thinking about re-releasing it at Tacoma Fuji for several years. This spring, I spoke to Gokita-san and Nobuta-kun, the head of "Abusan", at the annual Chiba meeting. They said "Okay, let's do it!" and made a sudden and big decision to re-release it at Tacoma Fuji.

designed by by Tomoo Gokita
Dedicated to Mr. Shinji Chiba

This product is dyed with pigments using a special technique.

Compared to regular dyeing, the uneven feel and wash-off sensation give it a unique texture.

With repeated wearing and washing, the color will fade and you can enjoy the unique changes in texture.


S Length 61cm Width 48cm Shoulder width 42cm Sleeve length 18cm
M Length 63cm Width 51cm Shoulder width 45.5cm Sleeve length 19.5cm
L Length 66.5cm Width 55cm Shoulder width 49cm Sleeve length 19.5cm


100% cotton


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