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"SHAKA" hiker

"SHAKA" hiker

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A traditional design reminiscent of the "Gurkha sandal" that wraps around the instep

A pair of shoes with a shoe-like feel

The tape on the woven upper, which is a key visual feature, is made from recycled materials.

The best balance between strength and comfort

The strap on the instep and four points on the ankle allow for a secure fit.

The toes and heels are protected with tape for peace of mind during active situations.

The sole is an original material that combines grip and cushioning.

Can be washed

From casual to stylish coordination

From daily use to outdoor activities and festivals

This is a pair of shoes that will definitely come in handy in a variety of situations.

Available in men's and women's


5(23cm) / 6(24cm) / 7(25cm) / 8(26cm) / 9(27cm) / 10(28cm)


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