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"LIVERAL" egg pack (S) -840d-

"LIVERAL" egg pack (S) -840d-

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"Egg Pack S" is a slightly smaller version of the M size

It features storage capacity and functionality that rivals the M size

The concept is a backpack for Japanese people.

The size is just right for easy use by women.

You can easily store things you need for travel or town use.

The bag is designed to make it easy to access your wallet or drink while it is on your shoulder, and there is a hidden pocket on the side that can hold a plastic bottle (500ml).

Can hold a 14-inch laptop

The center zip allows direct access to the main compartment,

You can take things in and out while on the train or walking.

All zippers are waterproof, so your belongings will be protected from the elements.

Original material: 840D nylon

100% nylon, high strength, water repellent specialist

A material that has everything you need for a bag

Stain resistance, ease of cleaning, strength, water repellency

This fabric, which is prone to aging, is also used for hard musical instrument cases.

Another feature of this material is that it does not easily retain moisture.

The matte black color can be coordinated with any scene.

As it is a long-established factory brand, the quality is guaranteed and the high cost performance is also attractive!

Made in Japan




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