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"GOHEMP" traveler easy pants -one wash-

"GOHEMP" traveler easy pants -one wash-

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In the early 2000s, it was developed as a multi-functional pant that could be worn as gear for travel and outdoor activities.

These high-quality pants have undergone numerous refinements to their details and patterns.


It features eight versatile pockets of various sizes.

Prevents theft when traveling, light outdoor activities, and preventing items from falling out of your pocket when changing clothes in a small space such as a tent or car.

Considering practicality, the rise is slightly higher and the waist is looser.

A gusset is placed under the crotch to ensure ease of movement around the legs.

Although the silhouette is loose, it has a gradual taper from the knee to the hem, giving it a clean look.

The waist is made with a webbing belt, which reduces strain and allows for fine adjustment.

The material used is original hemp cotton 12oz denim.

Hemp cotton is soft and gentle on the skin, with a moderate thickness of 12 oz. and high moisture absorption and quick drying properties, making it comfortable to wear all year round.

The uneven texture and napped feel of the hemp fabric allows you to enjoy the expressive changes that occur over time as you wear it.

It is an attractive material unique to GoHemp.

A classic piece that can be coordinated with a wide range of outfits regardless of the season.

XS and S sizes are also recommended for women.

170cm 50kg wearing XS

Wearing S

Wearing M

Wearing XS


XS Waist 70cm Rise 35cm Inseam 63cm Thigh width 29cm Hem width 19cm
S Waist 72cm Rise 37cm Inseam 65cm Thigh width 30cm Hem width 20cm
M Waist 76cm Rise 37.5cm Inseam 66cm Thigh width 32cm Hem width 20.5cm
L Waist 80cm Rise 38cm Inseam 68cm Thigh width 33cm Hem width 21cm


90% cotton, 10% hemp


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