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"TACOMA FUJI RECORDS" Elvis Impersonator

"TACOMA FUJI RECORDS" Elvis Impersonator

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Elvis Impersonator / The Graceland designed by JS Wright

Elvis Impersonator is a Memphis-based electro duo that has been pioneers of Heavy-House-Loungepsych since the '90s.

Needless to say, the reason they formed the band was because of their mutual idol, the "King of Rock," Elvis Presley.

The two began covering electro-arranged songs around the time of Elvis's "Aloha from Hawaii" concert in 1973.

Around that time, they released their first heavyweight EP. After Elvis' death, they inherited his spirit and performed it perfectly at all of their live shows with great respect.

They began to wear Elvis costumes. From then on, their performances became more improvisational due to their almost obsessive loyalty.

His performance and Elvis imitation were so chaotic that they were later considered "legendary."

In spite of their long career, they have only released one full-length album, and despite its perfection and musical acclaim, it has not enjoyed commercial success.

In 2003, after touring regularly, the band suddenly lost one member and went on an indefinite hiatus, which remains to this day.

There are rumors that "they still perform live at a remote bar in the Nevada desert" and "I heard them play from outside the bar."

With some minor changes to details, the story is still talked about among passionate fans today.

JS Light

Artist and designer.

He produces designs and works using a variety of techniques and processes, including painting, printmaking, and photography.

He imposes on himself the constant task of creating, and considers this process, which can be considered training, to be an expression in itself.

He also launched a small press called UDLI Edition, and began using copy machines and silkscreen printing to produce art books and apparel.

His creativity transcends the boundaries between art and design, presenting a unique worldview.


M Length 63cm Width 51cm Shoulder width 41cm Sleeve length 19.5cm
L Length 66.5cm Width 55cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 19.5cm


100% cotton


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